Ediffsystem - El corte Perfecto


The E-Diffsystem allows an electronic variable adjustment with micrometric precision (+/- 0.5µm) between the anvil roll and the magnetic cylinder.  The system will replace the existing anvil roller in your die-cutting station,  allowing a flexible die to perfectly cut into pressure sensitive materials virtually independent on the liner thickness (glassine, kraft, synthetic) with a maximum  + and – correction of 0.1 mm.

It also adjusts the gap (up and down) in order to accommodate a wide range of different width materials without changing the cutting tool. This leads to a very easy and fast installation asitdoesnotrequiretomodify anyexistingpartoftheDieCutting Station.This is also key whenit comestorepairsorchanges,asit assures aquick changewithout losing workingtime.

The E-Diffsystem is designed to control the movement of the anvil roll or magnetic cylinder through an intelligent touch screen. It makes each increase or decrease in cuts micron by micron.

Our unique E-Diffystem can electronically change the airgap in three different ways:

  • operating side
  • driving side
  • overall.


  • E-Diffsystem can (normally) be ‘installed‘ by simply replacing the anvil roller
  • Clear HMI (touchscreen)
  • Initializing function to automatically return to zero (starting) position
  • Possibility to store settings per job (as a reference position)
  • System will automatically generate a signal for maintenance (greasing)

For more information see the video and pdf attached



We also have available manual version of adjustable anvil. Micrometric precision (+/-0.001 mm) between the anvil roll and the magnetic cylinder or rotary die.

Drop-in installation. Interchanges simply and easily with standard press anvils with no modification to the die station or press frame.

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