The bearer wippers allow greasing of the bearers width in a simple way. Its magnetized base facilitates its positioning inside the machine structure thanks to its compact design it can be used in stations with different sizes rollers.

The grease plush tank is located on a stem that helps to place it at the desired distance from the bed. In addition, you can also reuse the same plush for different cutting units.

The lubricant is introduced into the tank, which allows it to flow slowly towards the grease pad so that it is impregnated by absorption.


As seen in the following images, mounting on the structure is very simple and the operator is free to place it in different ways, since it can be rotated and displaced.

Quick and easy colocation of bearer wipers

Detail of the position of the bearer wiper in the area to be greased

* The length of the stem can be reduced by the user making a cut to the end of the stem if desired.

¿Do you need bearers wipers?