All the features in a compact design

Experts in converting

In any factory, one of the most important parts is the converting phase during the production process. We offer die cutting stations adapted to any type of industry (label, pharmaceutical, automobile …) and a wide variety of machinery for both wide and narrow materials.

Customize all details

The cutting units are adapted to a wide variety of machinery and applications, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in the process and die-cutting precision combined with low maintenance. In recent years, collaboration agreements have been reached with the main converting machinery manufacturers: LEMU, BOBST, OMET…

Wide variety of die-cut products

Labels, rubber gaskets, plasters, gauze, diapers, masks, tickets, plastic films, coffee filters…

Stability and precision in cutting

The in-house design and manufacture of the station allows it to achieve unmatched stability. Thanks to the know-how of more than 20 years in the industry combined with the latest cutting technology (E-Diffsystem), we guarantee the highest precision at the time of die cutting.

Integrable modular design

We take care of adapting it to any of your machines. Our engineering team measures with precision and accuracy how to make the die cutting station to achieve maximum performance.


We offer a wide range of complements and accessories to achieve maximum cutting performance and require minimal station maintenance. Contact us to customize all the details and achieve the best combination that best suits your needs.

  • E-Diffsystem
  • Ajuste axial
  • Sistema de presión pneumático
  • Felpas de engrase


Variable electronic adjustment through a touch screen between the base cylinder and the magnetic with micrometric precision (+/- 0.5µm).

Bearer wiper

Help to improve the lubrication of the magnetic cylinder tracks. Avoiding friction and guaranteeing a long useful life.

Axial adjustment

Adjustment knob to move the base cylinder axially and adjust the registration of the die cut on the impression.

Pneumatic pressure system

Adjusts the applied force ensuring greater precision than manual pressure gauges.

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