Sometimes we find materials difficult to faint due to excess cutting on the liner (kiss cutting of the liner) or due to bleeding of adhesives (bleeding of adhesives).

Delam-relam allows the labels to be moved a few millimeters in the middle of the process from their initial position to a new one on the support. This is how you will avoid problems with label fainting without breaking the liner.

Common problems in the converting stage

  • Kiss cutting in the die cutting process is when adhesive backed sheets or papers are cut, but not laminated backing paper.
  • Adhesive bleeding is when the adhesive sticks out of the label and can cause problems during dispensing and leave a sticky residue on the machinery.

Delaminator-relaminator helps us achieve:

  • Reduce the adhesive tag.
  • Move the label inside the liner.

It can be used both before die-cutting and after, depending on each use.

Position adapter: the crank allows you to adjust the position of the label on the paper.

Support cylinders: ensure that the paper follows the correct path inside the machine.

Re-lamination cylinder: the cylinder re-laminates to prevent movement of the label.

No more problems with labels stripping

By solving the problem of excess cut in the coating and the bleeding of the adhesive, you can unmute at maximum speed without worrying about breakage of the support. Plus, it seamlessly integrates into the die-cutting station, as long as space is available. Stop suffering to unmute correctly, fill out the form below and our technicians will advise you immediately.

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