The ultimate tool to eliminate funnel necks and achieve full production capacity

The most advanced technology to quickly change magnetic.

Magnetic cylinders of different sizes (Z) are often used in rotating stations. The change of magnetics entails the loss of productive time. With the use of a die cutting station with Pit Stop Cylinder we will be able to reduce this downtime to the maximum and carry out the change of the magnetic in just 30 seconds.

It is an easy and fast system that allows the exchange of magnetic cylinders, it is accompanied by a trolley capable of being coupled to the station and can be moved with minimal effort for the operator.

Recommended to

  • Medium and short runs: short-term production.
  • Improved productivity: reducing make-ready times is key to continuing to produce the maximum number of labels per hour.
  • Simple and fast system: a specialized operator is not required to operate the Pit Stop Cylinder. One-handed cart movement.

Extreme productivity: boost your results

A new paradigm is making its way into Industry 4.0, flexibility plays a key role in production. Thanks to the Pit Stop die-cutting unit you can change the magnetic cylinder in less than 30 seconds.

Safe pneumatic system
It controls the locking of the magnetic sockets and releases them at the moment the operator changes the magnet.

Handling cart
Surface to optimize the preparation of magnetic cylinders of different sizes of magnets.

Magnetic sizes
It accepts any size of magnetic cylinder. From Z96 to Z200.


Pit Stop Cylinder is a powerful tool to avoid downtime. Changing the magnetic in less than 30 seconds, especially in short and medium runs.

It will help you to be much faster and, therefore, save money. Get in touch with us by filling in the form and our technicians will provide you with all the information.

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