Anvil rolls are hardened rollers (over 62 HRC). We’ve engineered core designs and durable surface options to enhance performance and life span.

Maximum concentricity precision for perfect cutting results and long service life. It complements and enhances your cutting die conditions.

For special applications it is possible to manufacture parts with different hardness and technical characteristics.


· Fully hardened and ground to a near-mirror finish
· Available either smooth or stepped
· Used for a full range of converting methods
· Available in a variety of custom steel grades
· Available as a standard, plus or minus cylinder in order to compensate for variations in backing papers and worn cutting tools
· Hard chrome coating for best surface quality (finish) and corrosion protection
· Thickness: 62 +/- 2 HRC
· Run-out accuracy < 3 µm
· Cylindricity < 3 µm
Delivery include gear and transport container


The wide variety of increasingly thinner materials requires more sophisticated machinery. Sometimes a counter cylinder is not enough to fully adjust the airgap.

For this reason, TECNOCUT develops an Electronic adjustable anvil cylinder that regulates the airgap between the anvil cylinder and the magnetic cylinder.


  • It can (usually) be “installed” simply by replacing the anvil roller.
  • Initialization function to automatically return to zero position (start point).
  • Possibility to store configurations by job (as reference position).
  • The system will automatically generate a signal for maintenance (lubrication).

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