Plate mounting machines are innovative solutions that add efficiency to the mounting of printing plates.

There are two different models that each adjust depending on the needs of the company. They allow the operator to mount the printing plate on top of the cylinder quickly and accurately.

JM Heaford with more than 30 years of experience has installed over 4.000 cliché assemblers worldwide. One of the most respected companies in the flexographic industry in the world.

Fully committed to offering the highest quality of service, from design to post sale support.

TECNOCUT we are the distributors of JM Heaford die assemblers. Do not hesitate to contact us to get one of the best die setters on the market.


Perfect register by fast and accurate plate mounting is essential to produce high quality print and maximize press productivity, particularly with short run work.

· Proven design with excellent reliability
· Models for cylinders or sleeves
· Two 50x magnification color digital inspection cameras
· Illuminators for easy location of the registration marks
· Versatile configurations
· Can be used for both flexo and letterpress plates
· Tool less operation
· Industrial grade fan-less computer


Accurate plate mounting, achieving perfect register, is an essential requirement enabling a printer to produce high quality products and increased press productivity

· Market leading innovative design
· Reduces mounting time
· Rapid return on investment
· Proven design working globally
· Two 50x magnification color digital inspection cameras
· Vacuum table to hold the plates in place
· Hands free, bubble free plate application
· Cylinder and sleeve versions
· Two motorized camera option available
· Vision System with industrial grade fan-less computer

How to use a plate mounting machine?



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