Our removable blade sheeters are precisely manufactured with CNC machinery to guarantee high center-to-center and square accuracy in order to provide best cutting effect. Two types of blades, for cutting and perforation, to suit different requirements.

On customer request the slots can be located at equal or special position around the cylinder, making it effective for various repeat lengths.

To ensure long life of a cutter, knives are made of hardened steel.


  • Features hardened bearers and journals
  • Hardened bearing seats (depending on machine type)
  • Hardened centering bushes
  • Blades available as cutting or perforating rules (standard height: 12 mm)
  • Quick and easy blade replacement
  • Replacement blades are always in stock, ready for immediate delivery
  • Exceptional manufacturing precision and accuracy < 3 µm
  • Cylindricity < 3 µm

It can be used for die-making, and used to cut cardboard, corrugated board, labels, post card, business cards, and jigsaw puzzle. With different thickness and bevel shape


  • Extra hard cutting edge
  • Excellent bendability
  • Uniform straightness
  • Uniform height and width

Special clamping system that allows an exchange of the blades. The set screws are easily loosened from the top and the blade is released.

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