Axcyl flexographic printing sleeves are a technology that allows printing any type of material for both wide and narrow flexographic machines.

Axcyl Sleeves have a useful life of more than 10 years thanks to their unique composite honeycomb structure, Axcyl flexo sleeves are the most stable, lightest and stiffest of the market on the market.

Specially designed mounting layer has been optimized to filter vibration coming from the printing plate: Axcyl offers less press bounce, thus higher productivity.

Axcyl is a company of the Trelleborg Group. Tecnocut is the exclusive distributor for Spain.


  • Vibration filtration, thanks to damping mounting layer.
  • Honeycomb structures enable high rigidity and extremely low density.
  • Shock absorbing faces.
  • Totally sealed sleeve, compatible with sleeve cleaning machines.
  • Reinforced register slot from any sleeve thickness (Carbon/Kevlar, or metal insert over 15 mm wall thickness).
  • Cutting guide in option.


  • Long life

    Sealed and protected ends, which avoid the penetration of ink and humidity, as well as shocks.

  • Integrated cutting guide

    For a better placement of the adhesive tape on the entire surface.

  • Vibration filtration

    High end Carbon Fiber reduces spectacularly press bounce and allows higher productivity.

  • Anti-static properties

Detail of the reinforced slot.

Cutting guide for double-sided adhesive.


Bridge sleeves are commonly used in flexo presses to reduce weight, thickness, and cost of sleeves. In modern press productivity is sometimes affected by the nature of the designs, causing visible vibrations / bounces and streaks. BS carbon pneumatic bridge technology offers exceptional dynamic response with excellent bounce reduction / visible scratches when it comes to printing demanding designs as well as weight reduction.

Easy and simple process of mounting and dismounting the printing sleeve.


Due to its lightweight construction, Aluminum Sleeves are a perfect alternative to conventional sleeves.
Very easy and fast assembly with a high working precision, the aluminum sleeves are also characterized for their less waste during the assembling process for plates as well as a better adhesion of the tape and a reduced weight.
Aluminum Sleeves can also be supplied with a hardened anodized coating to prevent damage.

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