Launching the Pit Stop die-cutting unit

cambio de troqueles pit stop de tecnocutTECNOCUT is driving the industry to produce the highest quality products meeting delivery requirements at competitive prices.

The latest innovation is the PIT STOP die-cutting unit, with this name they want to publicize its die-cutting unit with a die-cylinders change in a matter of seconds.

This new release is suitable for incorporation in a large number of machines thanks to its adaptability and easy integration.

​When people talk about productivity it can often be the die-cutting efficiency which is in focus. ​With quick change die-cutting tooling solution you can really increase your machine productivity by reducing setup and tool change.

Building the future of tooling

We strive each day to achieve our goals through our vision, hard work, and communication. We embrace the changes needed to keep up with today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry.

It is the only die cutting unit with a quick change system that incorporates the latest version of the E-Diffsystem allowing micrometric control of the depth of cut at all times together with a pneumatic pressure control. Everything controlled from the same panel.


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