The Air Cylinder is a widely used tool in printing different types of materials. It is an air-assisted cylinder that uses interchangeable rubber sleeves. The set incorporates a special support/ adaptor with compressed air intake.

Varnishing/ air cylinders can mainly varnish and print continuously the required surface width. The sleeves are adjustable to any size, they can be easily cut to fit the required width. In addition, it can be placed anywhere across the width of the air cylinder.

It is a practical, fast, economic and safe solution, both for varnishing and for printing color.

The most common is to make standardized sleeve widths in order to facilitate the replacement. The rubber sleeves can be used for the air cylinders of all machines in a way that increases efficiency.

Main advantages of the ink cylinder

  • Easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Variable working width.
  • Availability of standard sizes.
  • Short delivery times.

Steps to adjust the sleeve in the air cylinder

1. Open the compressed air inlet located on the support/ adaptor.

2. Insert the rubber sleeve using controlled pressure to fit into the cylinder.

3. Close the air inlet.

Ø Air cylinder Gear size 1/8″ Band width
76,6 mm Z-88 500 mm

¿What does the air cylinder include?

· 500 mm wide rubber sleeve (Can be cut to different widths or delivered whole).
· Support/ adaptor with air inlet.

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