We are in the Xpande Digital Program 2020

Tecnocut receives from the Cambra de Barcelona an economic aid valued at 4.000 euros for the development of the international online marketing plan. 

It is an aid to support the digitalization of SME’s, as part of its international strategy, with the aim of advancing the digital transformation of companies. Thus, it is being ensuring its ability to fully operate in a global digital environment.

Bet on being an international technology company

The actions are co-financed with ERDF funds (European Regional Development Fund) of the European Union nd in the case of Tecnocut has been used to finance content marketing actions, web analytics and recording promotional videos for the launch of new products.

What is Xpande Digital Program 2020?

It is a program of the Cambra de Barcelona, finnced by European funds, with the aim of developing digital marketing strategies to reinforce its international strategy through online positioning in its target countries. A total of 349 Catalan companies have obtained help to develop their digital marketing actions befores January 20, 2021.


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