Printing cylinders are the base piece of flexo printing machines. Also called plate cylinders, they are manufactured with the highest precision following the manufacturer’s specifications for each machine.

They are made of aluminum, with concentricity tolerances of <6 µm (0.006 mm) thanks to a precision finishing process. If required, the cylinders can also be supplied with a hardened anodized coating that makes them more resistant to shock and hits.

Cross and longitudinal positioning lines help ensure that the printing plate is mounted correctly. Large-dimension cylinders are made lightweight, hollow and tubular that make them very easy to use and manipulate.

These high-quality cylinders are recommended by many machinery manufacturers as reference tools for printing.


· High Strength Material: Precision bearing and high strength material make our cylinders highly reliable and durable in their construction.

· Lightweight: Even when you need them for larger printing machines, they’ll be lightweight. This facilitates the installation and handling processes.

· Extreme precision: Precision is unmatched and you will always benefit from it in your printing operations.


Additional surface protection against scratches, corrosion, plate and rust removal

Anodizing guarantees consistency and a longer service life.

Additional customization opportunities to increase available life

Helical and spur gears available (including hardened and ground gears) for optimum registration)

A variety of cross and longitudinal lines are available to help assemble the plate.

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