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Repair, sharpening and engrabing services

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reparación de cilindros y otras herramientas


Area Service

Repair of cylinders and other tooling

It is usual to require repair and maintenance services with the continued use of tools. Giving your tools a second life and taking care of the environment can help you save money.

Tecnocut offers support to repair, restore and remodel all kinds of tools and machinery.

Repair of machinery and tooling

An experienced team able to offer you fast and reliable support.

Corrective Mantainance

It is carried out whenever the fault or malfunction has already occurred.

Preventive Mantainance

We anticipate most breakdowns by scheduling regular inspections.

Predictive Mantainance

We monitor the operation of the machines in order to detect possible faults or malfunctions.

Cylinders and tools

Discover the repair and maintenance services that we offer

Magnetic cylinders

  • Repair of small knocks.
  • Change of tracks.
  • Grinding and adjustment.

Rubber cylinders

  • Cylinder retreading.
  • Grinding.
  • All compounds.

Print cylinders

  • Bearing replacement.
  • New gears.
  • Shaft replacement.

Solid rotary dies

  • Grinding and adjustment.
  • Sharpening.
  • Repair of knocks and small breakages.

Anvil rolls

  • Grinding and modifications.
  • Mirror grinding.

Embossing cylinders

  • Complete overhaul and adjustment in case of change of material.

Anilox rolls

  • Re-engraving.

Pressure gauges

  • Watches replacement.
  • Change threaded dowels.
  • Change o-rings.

Die cutting station

  • Fine tunning.

Schober machinery

  • Grinding of punches and dies.
  • Replacement of bearings.
  • Adjustment of components.

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