We recommend embossing cylinders as a way to improve your product. With this technique, you give your products an additional visual and tactile level that allows you to reach a third tangible and emotional dimension.

This method of product finishing enables you to use embossed and debossed areas or a combination of both, perfectly aligned to your printed design.

The full positive impact is particularly evident in the interaction with hot stamping and decorative printing processes.

The use of relief has become very popular to get labels that enhance elegance and convey the feeling of a better finish. They provide a visual effect where the reflection of light enhances the surface of the image.

What does the embossing contribute?

  • The feel of high­end packaging is playing an increasingly important role.
  • The act of touching textured surfaces conveys an exclusive brand image and is automatically memorized
  • Embossing is done to enhance the creative or design to maximize its capacity.
  • Embossing helps to boost the artwork of the final product and adds to its look and feel.  


  • Packaging: tobacco, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
  • Decorative: furniture, floors, wallpaper.
  • Others: security, edge bending, skirting, car interiors, models (scale models or digital models)
  • Material: plastics, wood composites, cork, metal sheets, textiles, paper, fabrics, non-woven fabrics.
Cilindro de relieve TECNOCUT

¿Do you need embossing cylinders?

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