Solid rotary dies are the best option for some jobs; both due to the nature of the material to be cut, as well as the shapes or long runs. Can be produced with any cutting profile and height. Designed and manufactured for strong materials like PVC film and Paperboard. Rotary Dies are produced on modern CNC-machines individually according to the client’s needs.

Advantages of SOLID ROTARY DIES compared to Flexible Dies.

Rotary dies are superior at material handling, or waste material removal. 

They have the ability to convert more difficult and challenging materials.

– Rotary dies are more durable.

– They can be “re-sharpened” multiple times. A Flexible Die must be replaced when worn.

For a flexible die it can be difficult to cut a very thick materials. Rotary Dies give you the ability to cut through very abrasive materials or substrates with untidy adhesives, multi-layer constructions and packing materials.

Naturally, solid dies are much more durable. They are better appropriated to stand up to high pressure applications and more abrasive materials

Rotary dies can be constructed out of a variety of different steel types.  It allows for different blade shapes, hardness, and material movement options.



Prepared for cutting large runs and all kinds of self-adhesive and strong materials. Allows multiple regrinds.


Waste management through compressed air or vacuum. Variable adjustment of the suction point through the air blade.


Safe handling of cutting waste through hard rubber inserts in the center of the cutting contours.


A coating is a very thin (micrometer-thin), firmly adhering layer of a chemical compound that is applied to a workpiece. The coating has the following positive influences on the precision tool:
There are different coating options:
Non-stick coating · Hard Coating · Hard chrome coating · Plasma Coating · Anti-Adhesive.

Increased service life / wear resistance

Friction and wear occur on the tool surface between two moving parts (workpiece and material). This friction puts a strain on the sharpened area and is reduced by the coating. This extends the life of the tool.

Enabling higher cutting speeds

The cutting speed can be increased due to the protection of the coating.

Corrosion prevention

The coating protects the tool from being destroyed by reactions to the environment, e.g. rust.

Optical upgrading

The coating thickness is given in micrometers (μm) and does not exceed 0.7 μm as thicker layers are susceptible to cracking.

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