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Magnetic Cylinder

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Focus on maximum quality

Magnetic cylinders

work with absolute precision

The high-quality magnetic cylinders are made of a stainless steel body, in order to resist corrosion

  • It does not deprive of the force of the magnet and allows a high and balanced adhesion to the flexible die during use.
  • Is also possible to make them lighter, if the body is made of aluminum or hollow on the inside.
  • We can also design positioning pins on the surface of the cylinder body to prevent the displacement of the flexible die.

Advantages of our magnetic cylinders

Fully adaptable to all your projects

Maximum precision

Maximum precision

Magnetic cylinders made with the correct tolerances could guarantee maximum precision in the cut.

100% adaptable

100% adaptable

For special projects and small diameters, cylinders can be made with more powerful neodymium magnets.

Best quality

Best quality

We also offer maintenance, repair and redesign services for magnetic cylinders to ensure the best quality.

Higher performance

Higher performance

Cylinder bearers made of hardened steel over 60 HRC ensure trouble-free long-term performance.

How to calculate the development of magnetic cylinders?

Do it easy with this table

The development of a cylinder can be easily calculated from the number of teeth (z). Only the pitch of the tooth or module (m) is required.
  • Development (in inches) = z * m / π
  • Development (in mm) = z * m

The labeling industry mainly uses cylinders with a tooth pitch of 1/8” CP = 3,175mm.

  • Development (in inches) = z * 1/8
  • Development (in mm) = z * 3,175
N. of teeth Development in inches Development in millimeters
Z 96 12″ 304,8 mm
Z 112 14″ 355,6 mm
Z 136 17″ 431,8 mm
Z 160 20″ 508,0 mm
Z 192 24″ 609,6 mm

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Some of our magnetic cylinders

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