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Automatic lubrication system

Automate the maintenance of the cylinders and extend the life of your machinery

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Engrasador automático

The best cylinder maintenance


Automatic and compact lubrication system

SMARTLUBE is the automatic lubrication system offered by Tecnocut to eliminate the need for recurrent manual lubrication.

The implementation of this system reduces:

  • Maintenance time and costs saving by up to 30%.
  • Guaranteeing optimum lubricant levels in the equipment.
Estación de troquelado con engrasador automático

Automate maintenance with Smartlube

Discover the advantages of our automatic lubrication system

Type of lubricant

Type of lubricant

Lubricants in grease and oil formats can be used.



Standard: Ø52mm x 100mm.
Special sizes on request.

Easy assembly

Easy assembly

Compatible with any die cutting station and easy to install.

Operating life

Operating life

2-3 years
Depending on use.


Never before has assembly been so easy

1. Attachment to bedplate / protection by magnet.
2. Connection to fitting by means of a 6 mm diameter tube.
3. Maximum tube length 500mm. For longer lengths, please contact us.

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