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Vacuum unit

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sistema de extracción de recortes Tecnocut sistema de extracción de recortes Tecnocut

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Vacuum Unit

Discover how it works

Our vacuum unit allows to remove the material cut out and vacuum it.

  • It consists of several pressurized air nozzles, adjustable in axial position, that will blow the material to ensure that it comes off the original part.
  • A collection hole is installed at the bottom, connected to a suction system that will collect the waste.
  • It prevents that the waste introduces throughout the machine.
  • It is tailored manufactured for each machine, depending on the available space.
sistema de extracción de recortes Tecnocut

When is a Vacuum Unit needed?

Allows to work with controlled cutting

Circular cuttings

Circular cuttings

When cutting in circular forms, the vacuum unit is used to facilitate the separation of the waste.

Inner die-cutting

Inner die-cutting

When you need to die-cut shapes inside the label itself and it is necessary to separate the material.

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This is how our vacuum unit works

Discover it step by step

The vacuum unit is usually integrated after the die-cutting phase and Tecnocut also makes the mechanical adaptation.

  • It has a single pneumatic power supply, from which the air will be distributed to each of the nozzles on the strip. (Image 1).
  • It has a vacuum system in which all the generated waste is collected cleanly. (Image 2)
  • Air nozzles can be manually positioned and in the desired quantity, according to the customer’s needs (Image 3).

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