DTM Flexo, new partner in Canada

Tecnocut expands its network of distributors in Canada, increasing its presence in North America. With DTM Flexo, we are able to reach many more customers with our products and continue our commitment to the internationalisation of our solutions.

Acuerdo de distribución entre DTM Flexo y Tecnocut (DTM Flexo new partner)

DTM Flexo is the latest partner we have added to our distributor network. They are specialised in offering flexo solutions of any kind, to increase the productivity of their customers. Thanks to this partnership, we are extending our reach with customers across Canada.


The union between Tecnocut and DTM Flexo means more productivity

Tecnocut’s innovative solutions and its commitment to equipment customisation help customers achieve their quality and productivity goals around the world.


Our goal is very simple: to work closely with all our customers to offer them products that make their work more effective. Adding Tecnocut solutions to our catalogue is an important step towards achieving this goal. 

David Macbeth, CEO at DTM Flexo Services.

We are committed to internationalisation

Tecnocut’s commitment to internationalisation is nothing new. For years, an important part of our team has been focused on seeking new markets and making our solutions available worldwide. That is why our distributors’ network, that you can check here, grows year after year with the aim of providing added value to more companies in the industry.

The agreement with DTM Flexo to represent us in Canada allows us to continue to grow and develop alliances with industry players in a country where we had little presence until now. Partnerships with companies like DTM Flexo bring high value to our company, giving us the opportunity to take our solutions a step further, always in the hands of great professionals.

Pol Estrada, International Business Manager de Tecnocut

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