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Flexible dies

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Flexible dies

Work with absolute precision

We offer high precision flexible dies. Each of them is tailor-made to suit all jobs involving kiss cutting and total cutting.
  • Suitable for all types of materials: paper, PP, PE, PVT, PET, Tyvek, thin films on PET liner material, etc.
  • Profile heights range from 0.30 to 1.5 mm. 
  • Cutting angles vary from 30° to 110° depending on the material.

Advantages of our flexible dies

Get the best results

Máximum precision

Máximum precision

CNC engraving technology allows us to work under extremely tight tolerances (+/- 0.002 mm).

100% adaptable

100% adaptable

Flexible dies are completely custom made according to the specifications of each job and each client.

High quality

High quality

Each product undergo meticulous and strict quality controls and each die is tested on the appropriate material.

Higher performance

Higher performance

High technology together with quality control guarantee the constant, efficient and optimal use of flexible dies

Types of flexible dies

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They are suitable for long runs and abrasive materials that make die cutting difficult. Hardness of 65-68 HRC by laser hardening.

Nanotec is an ultra-thin microcoating with a hardness of over 80 HRC. It reduces friction and is phenomenally wear-resistant, so its cutting edge stays razor sharp throughout its exceptional service life.

Is the perfect solution for a wide range of tasks due to its excellent non-stick properties in standard applications. It has a special coating that prevents glue and ink deposits.

The greatest versatility at your service

This is how our flexible dies are

The flexible dies can be used on both cylinders and flat magnetic bases. Each die is manufactured according to the client’s needs, giving the option of combining different types of cut and height (perforation and creasing).

  • Cutting angle: 30º – 110º – adjusted to the properties of the face material.
  • Cutting Height: 0.30-1.5mm – adjusted to the release liner thickness.
  • Minimum corner radius 0.00 mm, perfectly sharp corner.
  • Maximum cut quality through improved cutting geometry.

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Tecnocut flexible dies

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