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control de presión de corte con puente de presión Tecnocut control de presión de corte con puente de presión Tecnocut
control de presión de corte con puente de presión Tecnocut

Precise and custom made designs

Pressure bridge

Get absolute control over cutting pressure

Control of cutting pressure is essential in any die cutting job. It is important both to achieve the best quality die cut and to keep the cylinders and flexible dies in good condition.

  • The pressure bridge must be designed in a very proportionate way.
  • Controls that the cutting pressure is applied regularly and constantly.
  • On some machines we can apply an automatic pressure system.

Control cutting pressure easily

Discover our Pressure Bridge’s advantages

Extreme precision

Extreme precision

It always maintains absolute control over cutting pressure stability.

Easy placement

Easy placement

It is adjusted in the die cutting station, where the gauges apply the pressure.

Increase production

Increase production

With the right tools you will improve production and minimize mistakes.

Save costs

Save costs

A stable cutting pressure will maintain your cylinders in good condition.

Pressure Bridges

Designed to have maximum precision

Discover our Pressure Bridges

Do you want more about our pressure bridges? We explain you everything!

Take your production to the maximum

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