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Waste matrix removal

The best waste matrix removal system


Perfect even with the most complex shapes


The most versatile waste matrix removal system on the market

Our waste matrix removal system performs a sliding rewinding shaft for astonishing stripping speeds in the label industry. It is adaptable to all type of machinery.
  • Allows to maintain high-speed machine even when working with complex die-cutting shapes.
  • The waste re-winder moves horizontally without modifying the distance from the stripping point.
  • It has been designed to simplify the set-up, make automated presses, and prevent costly downtime during production.

The perfect solution to the waste matrix removal process

Discover the advantages of the newest Desmasystem

100% Integrable

100% Integrable

Completely autonomous system of the machine. It does not affect the software, electronics, or mechanics.

Precision and speed

Precision and speed

Maintains speed matrix removal even when working with the most complex shapes or with very thin matrix edges.

Easy operation

Easy operation

It has an intuitive and very easy-to-use interface. That means that you require a less specialized operator to use it.

Minimize mistakes

Minimize mistakes

Thanks to the Desamsystem’s precision, human and machine errors are substantially reduced.

The fastest waste matrix removal for complex shapes

Increase your production capacity

Controlled by high-end servo motors that allow the control of the speed, engine torque, accelerations, and decelerations in very precise way.

  • Opportunity to modify the web path to allow a different angle of detachment of the waste.
  • Prevents paper’s breakage and shrinkage.
  • Perfect solution to optimize the entire press process and increase productivity.

What are customers and partners are saying

Opinions about the Desmasystem

  • The waste matrix removal is one of the most difficult moment on any converting process. It is key to have the best technology to maximise the speed of the job. The Desmasystem helped us maximise the efficiency of our GTU line to achieve the highest performances.

    Jokin Iruretagoiena
    Jokin Iruretagoiena Sales Director - Label Business Unit at Lemu Group


Matrix removal

Speed and precision guaranteed

Desmasystem’s technical specifications

Discover how our waste matrix removal system perfectly fits your machinery

The maximum coil dimensions that the desmasystem accepts are 750mm. (diameter) and between 430-530 mm. (widht).

The total power absorved is 2kw and the air pressure of 6 bar.

It needs 220V, 16 A Single-phase with ground connection

Leq (A) less than 70 dB (A)

  • Temperature: 5 to 50ºC
  • Humidity: 30 to 90% without condensation

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