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Anilox Rolls

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Contra troqueles de la mejor calidad, diseñados con la mayor precisión de concentricidad.

Focus on maximum quality

Anilox roll

Make a difference with the best printing

The anilox cylinder is an essential part to achieve a good print quality. 

  • Pamarco anilox rolls are engraved with the latest generation of ceramic technology and with the EFlo ™, EFlo-HD ™ or ThermaFlo ™ laser engraving method.
  • The greatly reduced weight makes it very easy to handle and ideal for multiple roll changes.
  • We also offer an Anilox re-furbishing service. 

Advantages of using anilox rolls

The best multi-engraving laser

Higher precision

Higher precision

The hexagonal cell geometry promotes ink transfer in the most efficient and precise way.

100% adjustable

100% adjustable

The adjustment capacity of halftone dots in an Anilox roll goes from 65 lines per inch up to 1500 lpi.

Maximum quality

Maximum quality

The CELLBASE™ inspection technology is the most advanced technology for measuring cells.

Anilox rolls features

The best qualities for optimal printing

As the ink accumulates in the Doctor Blade, it begins to correct the excess so that only the necessary one remains.


anilox rolls by tecnocut

Plug-ins for anilox rolls

Discover the Axcylox covers

  • It allows a better conservation of Anilox rolls.
  • Rough outer surface, for excellent manual handling.
  • Mechanized hole: facilitates the extraction of anilox and Axcylox in the press.
  • Smooth inner surface to facilitate cleaning.
  • Rubber edge: immobilizes the anilox inside the Axcylox and protects the face of the anilox.
  • Identification label for traceability: with indication of anilox color, volume and screen control.

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Tecnocut’s Anilox rolls

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