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Cylinder exchange system

Perform cylinder changes in less than 30 seconds and take your production to the next level. Contact now Pit Stop Unit
estacion de cambio de troqueles pit stop cambio de troqueles con pit stop de tecnocut
estación de cambio de troqueles pit stop de tecnocut

The newest technology

Pit Stop

The revolution in the production‘s time is here

The Pit Stop die cutting station allows to exchange of magnetic cylinders in a simple and very fast way. Without wasting production time and with minimal operator effort.
  • Makes the cylinder exchange in less than 30 seconds.
  • Specially recomended to medium and short runs.
  • It accepts any size of magnetic cylinder. From Z96 to Z200.

The final quick cylinder exchange

Discover the advantages of the pit stop die cutting station

Increase production

Increase production

By reducing the preparation times of the machinery, you will be able to produce at maximum performance.

Save costs

Save costs

With the pit stop die cutting station you will be able to work faster and save time and money.

Easy operation

Easy operation

It can be used by any operator, even if they don’t have any previous technical knowldege.

Easy assembly

Easy assembly

It fits perfectly into any die cutting station, as long as there is enough space.

The cylinder exchange in just 3 simple steps

It makes work easier and faster

With the Pit Stop Die cutting station any operator can make the cylinder exchange easily and fast. There is no need to have any previous technical knowledge.

  • Prepare the magnetic cylinder to be replaced on the cargo trolley.
  • Unlock the pneumatic adjustment system and extract the cylinder.
  • Swap the magnetic cylinders and put it back.

What are customers and partners are saying

Opinions about the quick cylinder exchange

  • The Pit Stop Unit has been a tailor-made development for our equipment to combine the highest production capacities with the flexibility of being able to change jobs in 20 seconds. Tecnocut has understood the needs of our customers and has developed a product of the highest quality and reliability.

    Jokin Iruretagoiena
    Jokin Iruretagoiena Sales Director - Label Business Unit at Lemu Group


Cylinder exchange

Designed to take your productivity to the maximum

Do you want to challenge your production capacity?  We explain you how!

Discover how to increase your production

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