The check is a tool that allows us to measure the light gap (airgap) of the magnetic cylinder to perform maintenance and detect those that need repair or replacement.

It is made up of a robust clamping system incorporated into the dial indicator and allows the bearers to be measured on both sides.

Magnetic cylinders out of tolerance affect die performance. Its precision and efficiency can be seriously compromised causing the die to not cut, too deep or shallow in the line. “


The verifier is the most used tool to audit the tolerances of the lubrication bearers. We can classify their results according to three bands:

Correct: Indicates that the magnetic is in correct operation with acceptable tolerances of +/- 3 micros. Ideal measurement: 0.480 mm
Acceptable: Indicates that the magnetic has imperfections or is on the verge of going out of accepted tolerances.
Poor: Suggests that the magnetic cylinder should be immediately removed from inventory due to its tolerance issues.

Check tool magnetic cylinder tester is mounted on a clamping system that allows measurements to be taken to determine the light gap (air gap) on both sides of the cylinder.


Magnetic cylinders are very durable, yet they are not indestructible. Generally, they can go out of their tolerance due to physical damage or due to the natural wear of the bearers.

A mismatch in the tolerance of the can lead to the operator confusion by believing that the problem comes from the flexible die rather than the magnetic cylinder.

Failure to verify that the correct operation of the cylinder can lead to productivity and efficiency losses, since the operator spends time putting the die in and out and waiting days without starting the machine since the cylinder will have to be re-engraved.

An annual audit is recommended to have control of the magnetic cylinders and the creation of a cylinder library. In this way, we will be able to identify those that need imminent repair or replacement.

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